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Making well informed, sensitive and effective choices for our aged care is not only vital to achieving the best possible quality of life, it can also have major impacts on financial security and well being. The priority in any planning and decision-making process must always be to give you and your loved ones peace of mind and certainty, particularly during what can be a stressful and difficult time.

We operate under this principle with all our clients, whether you are:

How we can help

At Generations Aged Care Advice, we provide a comprehensive care solution, delivering a long term care plan in advance, to enable a quick transition into residential care if there is an unexpected deterioration in health. Having an aged care plan in place means that when the time comes, you can be clear about how you and/or your loved one will be cared for, which facility they will go to, whether the house will need to be sold and what will go to the estate. Having the plan in place, means you will be free to focus on your own emotional needs and/or those of your family member rather than stressing about the inevitable financial implications of such a move.

Megan McGrath from Generations Aged Care Advice can help you though this challenging time, providing advice and understanding for all involved.

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